How To Ace An Interview

How To Ace An Interview: 8 Most Efficacious Tips & Tricks

Whether you are applying for a job as a fresher or with some experience, you have to go through an interview before getting the job offer letter. This is your best chance to show your skills and qualifications and to make a good impression. Job interviews can be pretty nerve-wracking, especially if you haven’t had any experience and knowledge. 

So, how to ace an interview? 

It’s going to be difficult if you are not well prepared. So many candidates fail to ace the interview. Why? Because they go with half preparation. But we are not letting you go with that half preparation because what you are going to read here in this blog will be 100% effective to ace any interview. 

But before I start discussing how to ace an interview, let me explain why people fail to ace the interview.

Why People Fail To Ace The Interview

It becomes really hard to pick yourself up after getting rejected from many Interviews. So how to ace an interview? What’s the answer? Well, there are many mistakes people make, and some of them are listed below. 

  1. Insufficient preparation
  2. Showing a negative attitude 
  3. No interest in the company or the position
  4. Telling the lies
  5. No proper dress 
  6. Wearing too much perfume
  7. Forgetting what is written on your CV/Resume
  8. Chewing gum, a pen, or playing with your hair
  9. Not asking questions
  10. Being overconfident
  11. Asking about the salary too early
  12. Not making eye contact. 
  13. Lying about your skills, experience, knowledge, and qualifications
  14. Interrupting the interviewer

Make sure you don’t make any of those mistakes, which are the most common reasons people fail to ace the interview.

How To Ace an Interview

Dress Properly

Dressing for an interview should always be professional, comfy, and encouraging. You should learn about the company’s culture and how individuals dress before choosing your attire (think suits for banks, something business casual for ad agencies, etc.). 

Remember to practice wearing a dress in advance if you’ve never worn one before (you might end up looking and feeling uncomfortable otherwise.) Do not forget to polish your shoes and check for blisters before you leave the house.

Do Research About the Company 

Do a little research about the company before you interview with them. I have heard this being useful in many cases. Study about their mission/vision, history, and any other information, and these all are freely available. Moreover, check out the organization’s competitors.

Think about your questions in advance

Although interviewers usually ask more questions than they answer. That is why many candidates don’t think it is an important stage of their interview. But actually, interviewers expect candidates to show their interest in the job and company by asking good questions. Try preparing these questions in advance. This shows that you were attentive throughout the interview.

Be honest

Gaps in your resume are no reason to be scared. After all, you got an interview because they liked your profile and want to get to know you better. Be honest and tell what you learned during that time and how it will help you in the job you’re applying for; even a period of unemployment can be useful if you utilized that time to develop yourself somehow and kept yourself active during that time.

Elaborate Answers

Never answer a question with just yes or no. Rather, elaborate on your answer. The interviewer is not there to listen to your yes or no. If you are asked a question, be sure to explain with some reasoning. Interviewers usually ask questions to test your laziness and see if you can communicate professionally or not.

Make sure you avoid these

Don’t be late or talk badly about your previous managers or co-workers. Lying, oversharing, making offensive jokes, or controlling the conversation are other excellent ways to make a bad impression. If you show up on time, look attractive, and come across as nice and friendly, you’re pretty much assured of getting off to a good start.

Follow up like a professional

This is the most important part of an interview that most of the candidates forget. Always follow up with an email or even a handwritten paper thanking your interviewer for the chance. It’s a great opportunity to mention quickly, once again, why you are good for that company and how your skills are beneficial for that company. Keep it short, sweet, and friendly, and remember to send it within 24 hours of your interview.

Smile and stay calm

Yes, getting nervous before the interview is normal. You know it, and of course, the interviewer knows it too. It is how you handle your nervousness that will count. Be conscious of your body language; sit up accurately, and don’t worry. Smile when you talk. Look positive, make eye contact, and speak clearly and succinctly. Don’t rush your words, and don’t interrupt the interviewer.

What should you do to ace an interview?

To increase the chances of having a successful job interview, take the time to prepare before meeting with the hiring team. Think about the topics you are likely to discuss, ways to position yourself as a strong candidate, and opportunities to make a positive impression on the hiring team. Include the following in your job interview preparations:

  • Research: Learn about the organization and job, do your research before applying.
  • Plan: Decide what to dress and how to present oneself professionally while preparing for a meeting.
  • Practice: Interview questions should be rehearsed.


The interview is a skill, but making mistakes is normal even if you are a first-timer.  That is why I have given 7 most effective tips on how to ace an interview. There are, of course, many other tips and tricks to ace an interview, but these tend to be the ones that push most people up. 

Remember to take your time to fully prepare for the job interview. You don’t have to record or memorize these tips, but having a good idea of how you’d answer the questions will help you on how to ace an interview.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I win an interview?

  • Dress properly for the Job Position. 
  • Research regarding Company.
  • Research about the interviewer. 
  • Smile All the Way and positively. 
  • Answer the Weakness Question effectively.
  • Elaborate your Answers. 
  • Consider Entrepreneurship.

What to say at the beginning of an interview?

  • It’s nice to meet you. 
  • Thank you for meeting with me today. 
  • I’ve researched your organization.
  • I’ve learned the job description. 
  • I want to learn more about the organization.
  • This job seems fascinating. 
  • The job description follows absolutely with my qualifications.