What to bring to a job interview

What to bring to a job interview

In this blog, we are going to discuss What to bring to a job interview. We will give you complete information about this. Although you want to know what to bring, read all the steps given here 

An interview is a big step toward a job, without an interview you can not get a job in this era. The interview shows your capability, communication, your skills. Before reaching for an interview you need to know what to bring to a job interview.

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What to bring to a Job Interview.

Before going for an interview take you must keep some things in mind and you must take some things along with you.

  1. Resume.
  2. Dress.
  3. Watch on your wrist.
  4. Direction.
  5. Footwear
  6. Water bottle.
  7. Take tea or coffee.
  8. Have Lunch.
  9. Your Id proofs.
  10. Portfolio
  11. Prepared for your answers.
  12. Spectacles.
  13. Pens and paper.

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1. Resume 

Before going for an interview you must have a printed resume. If you have a resume on mobile, laptop, or desktop. Print your resume because it is difficult to show. You must check your resume before going for an interview for which post you applying to match the resume mentioned or not.

2. Dress.

Before going for an interview wear a formal dress if you’re a male candidate wear a formal shirt, and formal pent, and if you’re a female candidate wear a saree. It makes a good impression.

3. Direction

You must have directions on where to go on your mobile. Check the location before going. How to reach for an interview use a public vehicle like by train, by bus, or use your private vehicle. Set your time with the interview. You have to reach the interview location on time because if you’re getting late to reach it gives a negative impression.

4. Footwear

Wear formal shoes if you are male because you are wearing formal shoes as it matched the formal dress. But if you’re female you wear flats.

5. Water bottle.

Keep your water bottle with you and drink water from time to time. Taking water from time to time to stay active.

6. Take tea or coffee.

Before going for an interview take tea or coffee what you like. Because you become active. 

7. Have Lunch.

Eat your food before going for an interview and if you are traveling outside the station keep your food with you.

8. Your Id proofs.

Before going for an interview you must have your ID like your student id, experience certificate, educational documents, aadhar card, pan card, or any other important documents to keep with you.

9. Portfolio

Take your portfolio with you so you can give your portfolio to the interviewer. In your portfolio, you have your original documents like your education documents, IDs, and the necessary documentation required for the interview kept with you.

10. Prepared for your answers.

Before going for an interview it is the most important point, be prepared with your answers like your introduction and in which post you are applying like if you are applying for an SEO executive post. So should know about what is Seo, the types of SEO, what is on-page SEO, what is off-page SEO, how on-page SEO work, and how off-page SEO work. The activity of Onpage SEO, Activity of off-page SEO. All about Seo and you can check on the internet about the asked question of the post from there you will get an idea of what they can ask in the interview.

11. Spectacles

Wear spectacles before going for an interview it makes a good impression and matches your spectacles according to your face, and your dress.

12. Pens and paper.

Take your pens and paper with you if you sign a document you have a pen it makes a good impression.

11. Emergency Items

Take some emergency items like Band-Aids, Stain remover, and Deodorant in some emergency cases.

12. Research

Research is a big part of the Interview. Research about the company, like the position of the company, timing of the job, pay scale, perks, and allowances.

What Not to Bring to a Job Interview.

Before going for an interview not take this thing with you like your phone, headphones, or earphones.

1. Phone.
2. Earbuds or Earphones.
3. Keys.
4. Record Devices.

1. Phone

Before going for an interview just keep away your mobile. Because it disturbs the interview and somewhere mobile not allowed in the interview room. So keep away your mobile from you.

2. Earbuds or Earphones.

You might have listened to music or a podcast while riding public transportation to an in-person interview. Keep these earbuds hidden throughout the interview. You might require headphones if you’re conducting a virtual interview in order to hear the interviewer. Most employers are aware of this necessity, so just be sure to turn off any notifications and shut any tabs that could distract you.

3. Record Device

Never try to record your actual interview, even though recording a sample interview is a wonderful approach to gaining feedback and improvement. Elisa Pineda, the senior recruiter at Forage, says, “I saw someone bring a recorder to an interview.” If you reside in a two-party state, you will specifically need the recruiter’s consent to record the interview. And if they don’t, you’re out of luck and might not be invited for the interview. You might not require permission in a one-party system, but the interviewer might not be happy if you record the conversation without their knowledge.

4. Keys

You do not have to carry any kind of key with you before going to the interview. It disturbs the interview environment.


In this blog, we have discussed what items to bring to an interview and what not to bring to a job interview. We have given a complete list of what to bring, and what to not bring. I hope after reading this blog you should have no doubts regarding this topic.